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We have designed a 2 in 1 medical office to assist you in meeting all your health care needs. From minor problems to the more complex diseases that require several tests and beyond to referral to specialists of all types, we want to serve you - assisting you to obtain all of your health care needs in the most efficient way. One of our physicians and a nurse practitioner are always assigned to the Walk-In care area where an immediate problem is addressed very quickly, so as to minimize wait for you. We do the most common tests, labs, EKG's, and x-rays immediately in our office. If a more serious problem is recognized the work up is begun and an appointment with your local doctor is scheduled for the needed continuation. If you do not have a local family doctor we can schedule an appointment with one of our six doctors to fill that need for you.


For patients who choose or whose condition is such that they can not be treated locally, we have professional relationships with specialist in all area cities where referrals can be made. When we find that you have a rare condition or complex case we recommend consultation to a specialist. We can make these arrangements with a specialist you know or ones that we know to deliver the best quality specialist consultations.


If you need hospital admission we can call your pediatrician or family doctor for this to be arranged. If you do not have a family doctor one of our doctors can admit you. Our doctors have admitting privileges at Marshall Medical Center South. Â If you have a hospital admission, we can coordinate your admission to the hospital of your choice without the need to go through their emergency room.


If you or a loved one needs nursing home care Dr. Ufford, Dr. Go and Robin Scott, CRNP see patients in local nursing home, providing post hospital rehabilitation care and long term care. They also make visits at Assisted Living Facilities providing medical care in the facilities. Dr. Ufford is a Certified Medical Director (CMD) with additional training specifically to provide this type of care. Dr. Go is an internal medicine specialist trained to handle the complex medical concerns that the elderly have.


Our Nurse Practitioners are Master Degree nurses specially trained with an advanced degree and certified to be a practitioner along with the physician that they work with. They assist us in more efficiently delivering the health care that you need. They are always in contact with the physician with whom they work.


So whatever your medical needs are, South DeKalb Family Medical and Med-Assist Doctors Group is here for you.

Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of primary medical care based on the Christian belief that produced this as the standard for health care in these United States. Whether you are a child, young person, their parents, a senior citizen, a nursing home patient, or an industrial worker with a medical problem you deserve this kind of care.


We seek to make our philosophy of practice a Christian one based on faith in Jesus Christ as He is presented in the Bible. This philosophy treats every single person as of immeasurable worth and of equal value as any other person on earth. And since our nation was established as a Christian nation, we are allowed to treat you exactly as we would the President of the United States if he were in our office to receive health care. This is our goal.

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